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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 16 May 2013

6 months, and we are still running!

Woah, its been a whopping 6 months since I first founded CPE. I'd like to thank everyone for their help, but I MUST thank these people!

1: Khantar07 - A brilliant helper, that made the wiki what it is today

2: Batreeqah - Always there incase of trouble. Someone you can trust

3: Preston - Founded CPN. Although it is now dead, he made this wiki amazing

4: You - For always helping us when its hard!

Thank you so much! Our next goal is a year!

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 9 May 2013

Club Penguin Encyclopedia Awards

That's right, the CPE Awards are coming. But we need YOUR help. To host the awards, we need 500 pages! Yeah, I know, thats alot... but it's worth it!

I will also be holding a contest to see who reaches the most number of edits (from here to when we reach the goal). The winner will recieve the Editing Award, which will give them... Staff Rights! If you are already a staff member, then your editcount will NOT be included in the draw.

I hope you all come and help, as the Editing Award cant be here for long!

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 23 March 2013

Identity Box Changed

The User Identity Box for Administrators and Bureaucrats have beenn changed to 'Staff'

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 22 February 2013

Proposed Changes

Hey, Everybody!

As you may know, we are 1 article away from 20 articles! But this wiki needs to have some proposed changes. I hope to get more images and articles by next thursday. We should have atleast 300 - 400 at the end of the year! I am also creating the CPET (Club Penguin Encyclopedia Test), which anyone from the wiki can join. I am also thinking of promoting the wiki onto :). Anyway, help can be needed anytime!


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