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Greetings, penguins and puffles. If you don't know me, I'm Khantar07. Call me Khantar or whatever you like, just don't call me something rude. I'm a staff of this wiki. Well, I just can't wait! Here are the updates of this wiki for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover:

  • New Cursor

Are you wondering why your cursor is like this:


Well, that's our cursor for the current party! If you look closely, you can see Iron Man and The Mandarin in the cursor. It also has the Club Penguin Encyclopedia logo so that if anyone copies our cursor, that penguin or puffle will have copyright from this wiki.

  • Main Page: Navigation

This wiki has a template for easy an easy guide of navigation and exploration in this wiki. It can be viewed in the main page or here:

ItemsMascotsElite Penguin Force (EPF)PufflesPinsMinigamesOpen your own user page!View latest messages from fellow penguins!Create or view your own blog posts!CPE MainPageNavigate MonstersTakeover.png

To add it to your user page or blog post, just type in this:


  • Wordmark

The wiki wordmark is the image on the topmost left of a wiki. The wordmark of this wiki features The Mandarin and Iron Man:


  • Background

And of course, lastly, we absolutely won't forget the background. Of course every wiki needs a background according to the current featured stuff:


That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this blog post of mine! Until then, edit on!