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Welcome to another Wiki Updates blog of mine! Today, I'm going to show you the updates in this wiki for the Card-Jitsu Party. Do you want to immediately get started? If you do, well here you go:

Wiki Wordmark

The wordmark features Sensei, Tusk, the three ninjas, Scrap, Sly, and Tank: Wiki-wordmark.png

Main Page Navigation

The mainpage navigation prepares easily prepared buttons to navigate this wiki:

ItemsMascotsElite Penguin Force (EPF)PufflesPinsMinigamesOpen your own user page!View latest messages from fellow penguins!Create or view your own blog posts!CPE MainPageNavigate MonstersTakeover.png

Pin Finder Camera LIVE

This is my invention, the Pin Finder Camera LIVE! It replaced the former text and the pictures that were only written and uploaded, respectively. But now, you can find the pin in a LIVE camera! Here it is:

TextBookPin DanceClub.png

To put it in your personal pages only this wiki, just type in this:



Of course, we won't forget the wiki background: Wiki-background

Comment below on which update you like best to share your own ideas. You can also comment your opinion about the updates. Thanks guys! Until then, edit on!