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Available ?
Attitude ?
Member only ?
Favorite toys ?
Play action ?
Dance ?
Tongue color ?
Speed ?
Special features ?
Elite Puffle Items ?
Favorite Games ?
ID ?

The Puffle Infobox is intended to be used for pages of each puffle in Club Penguin. The source code, help information and example are shown below. Please use this page for reference.


Copy and paste this onto the desired page:

|name =
|image =
|textcolor= (optional)
|available =
|attitude =
|member =
|toys =
|play =
|dance =
|tongue = 
|speed =
|special =
|epf item =
|game = 
|id = 

Fill in the gaps to add the details:

  1. The name of the item. By default, if you don't enter a name, it is the page's title. However, if there is a more popular alternative name that isn't the page's title, you may use that.
  2. Please simply put down the prefix "File", the image name and the image type (e.g PNG). No pixel sizes or link brackets. If there is no image, leave it blank.
  3. Text color (optional)- chooses the heading color- the deault is white, but if used in the article Black Puffle, it is automatically changed to white, as the black background
  4. Is it available yet/anymore? (Yes/No)
  5. What is its general attitude? (Description of attitude)
  6. Is it member only? (Yes/No)
  7. What are its favourite toys? (List toys separated with commas)
  8. What are its Super, Normal and Weak play actions? (Super, Normal, Weak play actions separated with a line break along with indication in bold)
  9. What dance does it do? (Dance description)
  10. What is its tongue colour? (Tongue colour)
  11. How fast is it? (Description of speed)
  12. What special features does it have? (Description of special feature)
  13. What is its elite counterpart's speciality item?
  14. What are its favourite games? (What games does it join you in, or what games is it notably associated with?)
  15. What is its item ID when you walk it?


White Puffle
Available Yes
Attitude Gentle but strong
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Ice Skates, Frozen Wave, Snowcloud, Ice Rink
Play action Super: Makes ice rink
Normal:Makes frozen wave
Weak:Makes snowcloud
Dance Bounces up and down with a snowcloud above it.
Tongue color Blue
Speed Very slow
Special features Ice breath
Elite Puffle Items ?
Favorite Games ?
ID 757