Red Puffle

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Red Puffle
Red Puffle48.png
Available Yes
Attitude Adventurous and Extreme
Member only No (Non-Members can buy 2 and unlock them from the Treasure Book)
Favorite toys Three bowling pins, cannon, helmet, parachute.
Play action Super: Puts on a helmet and hops in a cannon. It then shoots out parachuting back down.
Strong: The Puffle acts like a bowling ball and knocks down all pins. Then, he catches all the pins on his head.
Weak: Acts like a ball and only knocks down 2 pins, so it blows the last one down.
Dance Bounces up and down.
Tongue color Orange
Speed 3rd Fastest
Special features Originally from Rockhopper Island
Elite Puffle Items Star Cannon, Helmet
Favorite Games Catchin' Waves, Puffle Launch
ID 755

The Red Puffle is a Puffle Species in Club Penguin. Its attitude is Adventurous and Extreme. Red Puffles were first found in Rockhopper Island by Rockhopper himself. One of it's favorite activities is to surf, so it can play with you in the game "Catchin' Waves!".

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