Club Penguin Encyclopedia
Rainbow Puffle
Rainbow Puffle7.png
Available Yes
Attitude Confident, regal, playful, majestic
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Cloud
Play action Creates a mountain with a cloud and spins around it
Dance Shakes from side to side and sparkles fire out of it
Tongue color Magenta (in some artwork orange)
Speed Fast
Special features Strange Rainbow Aura, Purple Sparkle Farts, Flying
Elite Puffle Items Hat
Favorite Games None
ID 5230

The Rainbow Puffle is a Puffle in Club Penguin. From 2006-2012, rumors were spread that you could adopt this Puffle. It is available in the Cloud Forest during the Puffle Party 2013 by finishing the Puffle Tasks.


  • Rainbow Puffles can make their own Rainbows.
  • Rainbow Puffles were thought to be gradient-colored Puffles.
  • The color of the Rainbow Puffles are based on a Rainbow.
  • They fart sparkles.



Spotted during the Puffle Party 2013