Club Penguin Encyclopedia
Herbert P. Bear
Herbert 22.png

Full Name Herbert Percival Bear Esquire
Species Polar Bear
Position Villain
Appeared Secret Missions, Battle of Doom, Great Snow Race, Operation: Hibernation, Puffle Trouble, Animated Short, The Party Starts Now, Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, Smoothie Smash, Operation:Blackout.
Color White (not a Penguin).
Clothes Items Herbert's Eyebrows
Related To Unknown
Friends With Klutzy, You (If you added him to friends list), Formerly Dave, Rhonda and Randall.
Meetable Character? Yes

Herbert Percival Bear Esquire, also known as Herbert P. Bear, Illustrious Leader Supreme, The Yeti Penguin or just Herbert, is the main threat to Club Penguin. He is a polar bear who was responsible for the taking over and doom of Club Penguin.