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Elite Penguin Force
Elite Penguin Force Badge.png
Be resourceful,
be remarkable,
be ready.
Founded November 25,
2008 (it was less active until May 2010)
Status Finishing reconstruction
Leader The Director of
The EPF (Aunt Arctic)
Headquarters EPF Command Room
Alias(es) EPF

The Elite Penguin Force (A.K.A. the EPF) is a special group of highly skilled agents (known as EPF Agents) that help keep Club Penguin Island safe. The EPF headquarters is the EPF Command Room, located inside the Everyday Phoning Facility. It replaced the P.S.A., which no longer exists due to the Popcorn Explosion, caused by Herbert. Field-ops were released weekly in this agency, until Herbert blew up the EPF Command Room during Operation: Blackout. It will soon be renovated and rebuilt.