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Khantar07 Khantar07 9 June 2013

Khantar07: Request a Heading for Free!

Hi there, fellow penguins! Welcome to my first ever Request in the Encyclopedia! Have you ever wanted a heading just for your own blog post or your user page or just a message for someone's message wall? Well, don't panic! This blog is very sure for your needs of a heading! If you don't know how I make headings, refer to the image above. That's what I call a high quality heading (I'm not that arrogant to say that it IS a high quality heading...). To make your very first request, just comment below the requirements that I'm about to give you to get your own heading!


Requirements: (

  • optional)
  • Image
  • 1 OR 3 Colors for …

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Khantar07 Khantar07 31 May 2013

CP Encyclopedia: Updates in the wiki for the Card-Jitsu Party 2013

Welcome to another Wiki Updates blog of mine! Today, I'm going to show you the updates in this wiki for the Card-Jitsu Party. Do you want to immediately get started? If you do, well here you go:

  • 1 Wiki Wordmark
  • 2 Main Page Navigation
  • 3 Pin Finder Camera LIVE
  • 4 Background

The wordmark features Sensei, Tusk, the three ninjas, Scrap, Sly, and Tank:

The mainpage navigation prepares easily prepared buttons to navigate this wiki:

This is my invention, the Pin Finder Camera LIVE! It replaced the former text and the pictures that were only written and uploaded, respectively. But now, you can find the pin in a LIVE camera! Here it is:

To put it in your personal pages only this wiki, just type in this:

Of course, we won't forget the wiki background:

Comment below o…

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Khantar07 Khantar07 28 May 2013

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2013: My Giveaways!

Hi there, fellow penguins! Say, I heard ninjas thrive in the mountains to battle the snow minions summoned by Sensei's archenemy and former friend, Tusk. I'm sensing that it maybe you...Just kidding. I'm just sensing, though. Anyways, I know you want some stuff in your computer to remember the great stor- I mean the party. Well, I have just prepared a wallpaper and a Twitter cover photo. Here's a wallpaper:

and a Twitter cover photo:

Well, did you like them? I was supposed to be making an FB cover photo, too but I think only a few people make their own Facebook account for their penguins.

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 16 May 2013

6 months, and we are still running!

Woah, its been a whopping 6 months since I first founded CPE. I'd like to thank everyone for their help, but I MUST thank these people!

1: Khantar07 - A brilliant helper, that made the wiki what it is today

2: Batreeqah - Always there incase of trouble. Someone you can trust

3: Preston - Founded CPN. Although it is now dead, he made this wiki amazing

4: You - For always helping us when its hard!

Thank you so much! Our next goal is a year!

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 9 May 2013

Club Penguin Encyclopedia Awards

That's right, the CPE Awards are coming. But we need YOUR help. To host the awards, we need 500 pages! Yeah, I know, thats alot... but it's worth it!

I will also be holding a contest to see who reaches the most number of edits (from here to when we reach the goal). The winner will recieve the Editing Award, which will give them... Staff Rights! If you are already a staff member, then your editcount will NOT be included in the draw.

I hope you all come and help, as the Editing Award cant be here for long!

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Khantar07 Khantar07 26 April 2013

CP Encyclopedia: Updates in the wiki for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover

Greetings, penguins and puffles. If you don't know me, I'm Khantar07. Call me Khantar or whatever you like, just don't call me something rude. I'm a staff of this wiki. Well, I just can't wait! Here are the updates of this wiki for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover:

  • New Cursor

Are you wondering why your cursor is like this:

Well, that's our cursor for the current party! If you look closely, you can see Iron Man and The Mandarin in the cursor. It also has the Club Penguin Encyclopedia logo so that if anyone copies our cursor, that penguin or puffle will have copyright from this wiki.

  • Main Page: Navigation

This wiki has a template for easy an easy guide of navigation and exploration in this wiki. It can be viewed in the main page or here:

To add it to your us…

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Phineas99cp Phineas99cp 23 April 2013

Attention everyone...

Attention everyone.

You might know me from the OFFICIAL Club Penguin Wikia. I won't do anything wrong. Instead, I would be GLAD to help. Because

  1. My friends are here
  1. I would be glad to help
  1. It would be like a fresh new start

Sure, I will keep continue editing on the other wiki. I hope it sounds fine for you guys, but I have one question...Couldn't you wait till July/August to return in the wiki?

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Khantar07 Khantar07 17 April 2013

CP Encyclopedia Cursor

Greetings penguins and puffles! We have a new cursor for this year! The cursor is only for this wiki:

Do you like it? Just tell me some suggestions and remarks in the comments below. Until then, edit on!

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Batreeq Batreeq 26 March 2013

Adopt A Rainbow Puffle

Hi Guys,

We can now adopt our own Rainbow Puffle.  Members can only adopt the exclusive Puffle.

Waddle on!

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 23 March 2013

Identity Box Changed

The User Identity Box for Administrators and Bureaucrats have beenn changed to 'Staff'

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Khantar07 Khantar07 16 March 2013

Khantar07 Active Again

Hi penguins and puffles! I would just like to inform that I'm active on this wiki again. If some of you don't know me, I'm Khantar07, an admin of this wiki! Feel free to talk and ask me whenever you feel like it. Thanks for your short time!

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Khantar07 Khantar07 16 March 2013

Home Icons for the Wiki during Puffle Party 2013

Hello penguins and puffles! I just want to show you these icons for the home page of this Wiki during the Puffle Party. Here they are:

So, what do you think about the icons I made? Write a comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

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Batreeq Batreeq 12 March 2013



I am making this post to inform you about the plagiarism on this Wiki. Some of you have been taking pictures/files from the Clubpenguin wiki.  I would like to tell you to stop.

Guidelines Yes & No:

  • Yes;If you uploaded the image on the CP Wiki and took it yourself, feel free to upload it here.
  • No;If you repeatedly take it from the CP Wiki (if you did not know about this), just stop please.

One of the Admins there has complained.  This includes taking lots of codes and etc.

Thank you for your attention!

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Preston108 Preston108 8 March 2013

Operation S.T.U.B

Hey everyone.

If you see a very small page, be sure to add the stub template and add the category Stub to the page.

The Stub template looks like this:

Thanks and have a good day.

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Matthew93256 Matthew93256 28 February 2013

EPF Command Room Rebuild


I'm so excited that the EPF Command Room will be rebuilt!

Here are the sneak peeks:

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Penguin Frost Penguin Frost 22 February 2013

Proposed Changes

Hey, Everybody!

As you may know, we are 1 article away from 20 articles! But this wiki needs to have some proposed changes. I hope to get more images and articles by next thursday. We should have atleast 300 - 400 at the end of the year! I am also creating the CPET (Club Penguin Encyclopedia Test), which anyone from the wiki can join. I am also thinking of promoting the wiki onto :). Anyway, help can be needed anytime!


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123kitten1 123kitten1 16 February 2013

CP Wiki falling apart

The CP Wiki is falling apart. This COPPA problem has claimed many users. These include-

  • SillyBilly,
  • Angrybird,
  • Fatewate,
  • Na7noo7
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